The Classic Feminine Woman

First of all, what is exactly is a feminine woman?

If you asked me this question three years ago, I would have definitely answered that a feminine woman is the kind of woman who wears high heels. The one with long flowy hair and does all the girly stuff. Little that I knew that being feminine isn’t so much about how a woman looks, but, rather, it lies in her energy.

What actually is feminine energy?

It lies in the how a woman carries herself. She does not initiate, but she lovingly welcomes.  Feminine energy is thought to be one of the most powerful forces on Earth. If only more of us embraced it!

There is always something mystical about a woman who has embraced her feminine power. When a woman who is in touch with her feminine power, walks into a room she draws the right kind of attention, It’s the energy she carries with her that is alluring and striking, it a type of confidence that will always light up any room.

Feminine women naturally communicate very differently with men than women who are raised in a culture that teaches them to be everything men want them to be. That men are the end game, men are the ones to be catered too, and that a good man is the ultimate prize for any woman.

Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella have taught young girls to wait for a man to slay their demons. But real life experience has taught me that I have my own sword, and I am more than capable of fighting my own battles. In my opinion it is much more desirable to want to be with someone rather than need them. I never want to need to depend on a man. Doesn’t it make it more special if I want him rather than need him? If I can be his partner rather than his subordinate?

Furthermore, a feminine woman is comfortable being a woman. She views femininity as a valuable asset that is part of who she is, an asset that’s meant to be celebrated and leveraged instead of a liability that should be downplayed and even sometimes compensated for.

I think that femininity is one of the greatest gifts that a woman can bestow to the world.


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