Seventeen Things I learnt in 2017

  1. Instead of comparing yourself to others and wanting more, count your blessings and remember all that you have to be grateful for.

  2. Let you love be stronger than your hate or anger.

  3. If something is destined for you, never in a million years will it be for somebody else.

  4. Take everything you’ve ever learnt and start to build from within.

  5. Be impeccable with your word.

  6. Do the absolute best you can, until you know better.

  7. A person’s behaviour will always reveal their heart.

  8. Walk away from people or situations that threaten your peace of mind, self-worth, values and morals.

  9. Your family and closest friends will always be your greatest support system.

  10. Certain things may happen at the most difficult times in your life, but you must find the strength to carry on.

  11. The best things in life will always come with patience, sacrifice and hard work.

  12. Show respect to those even if they don’t deserve it, not as a reflection of their character but of yours.

  13. Sometimes you just have to let people do the immature things they do.

  14. No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted.

  15. Certain things don’t work out at some point because greater things are in the works, and soon you will realise.

  16. You can learn so much about an individual by the way they leave, than by the way they stayed.

  17. Your happiness is not dependent on anyone or anything other than yourself.

– T

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